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Charleston Therapeutic Massage
* 310 Broad Street, Suite 8 * Charleston, SC 29401 * 843-723-7005 * charlestonmassage@hotmail.com *

We offer innovative choices for promoting a balanced healthy lifestyle with our emphasis on restorative treatments designed to provide results, as well as make you feel pampered. Our wide array of services offers you more ... from rejuvenating spa treatments to therapeutic massages, body therapies, and holistic lifestyle services. Our goal is to make sure you relax while we cater to your needs. It's all about you!

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Relax, we understand exactly how you feel. Since 1992, Charleston Therapeutic Massage has provided restorative massage and bodywork treatments and wellness programs customized to reduce stress, relieve pain and help you to live an energized and passionate life to the fullest. We are committed to empowering you by providing assessment, assistance with choosing an appropriate path of action, effective evidence based massage and bodywork therapies, information resources, and self-care education in our nurturing stress free environment. Our clients love our personal touch. As we build a relationship with you, we will monitor your health goals, progress, and preferences. Your success is of utmost importance to us.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff of extensively trained professionals will assist you in selecting the therapy that will most effectively meet your needs and goals in a simple and easy process. We invite you to come experience what we have to offer and begin your journey to empowerment!

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Charleston Therapeutic Massage