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Enhance Cleansing Program.

We can all benefit from some level of cleansing in today's toxic environments. Toxins have a huge impact on our health. Identifying if and how we are toxic and addressing it by changing our diet and lifestyle can have a tremendous effect on our health.

The body has a detoxification system built in, but our bodies aren't always able to deal with all the challenges our detoxification systems must deal with.  Toxin eliminating problems are at the root of many chronic health complaints - from headaches and foggy thinking to digestive problems and excess weight. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Cleansing the body does not have to be extreme. The right approach for a client will depend on their current state of health and lifestyle. If a client is experiencing chronic headaches, low energy, bloating and skin outbreaks, it's possible the body is not processing toxins efficiently. An elimination of common food allergens for a period of time can be quite helpful.  By working with the body, a client will learn to notice, listen to, and understand the foods that trigger the immune system into alarm mode and cause problems. A simple strategy of adjusting the diet to include whole foods that are cleansing powerhouses and with observation of the body’s feedback a client will have a positive outcome. It is a great way to optimize the body's own detoxification system.

It's important to be aware of how food and lifestyle choices support or hinder our body's detoxifying efforts. Stressful life situations can be a deterrent to good health. Stress triggers the body to release stress hormones into our system. Looking closely at the habits of our life and considering which things we can let go of that are triggering stress is part of our cleansing program.  Detoxifying stressful life situations along with detoxifying the body are essential to health.

Small changes can make a huge difference. You can take a few healthy steps right now to pave the way to living a healthier life.  Our cleansing program customizes a plan that enables clients to optimize the body's detoxification function to gain physical and emotional vitality. Our clients learn new and better ways to take good care of themselves to boost detoxification and build healthy new habits.

 Let our health and lifestyle nutrition coach help you create healthy detoxification habits right now.

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