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Weight Loss Coaching.

We see so many people struggling and depriving themselves on a weight loss diet.  Do you wonder why diets don’t work?  Here’s why diets don’t work and how we can help you reach your weight loss goals.

Trending diet plans, counting calories and fat grams don’t always promote weight loss. Listening to the body and choosing what’s right for you can lead to weight loss success.  We know there is no one-size-fits-all diet that works for everyone – the diet that works for someone you know may not work for you. We don’t recommend any one diet, but rather, pull from a wealth of knowledge acquired from years of training and experience. Together we will customize a plan that maps out a clear course for you to eat the foods that will fill you up, enhance your weight loss, increase energy, health and happiness.

People wanting to lose weight tend to deprive themselves and then have overwhelming cravings.  We look at cravings as clues and ask clients to break down what’s causing cravings.  We brainstorm strategies to satisfy these cravings with what is really needed, not with an unhealthy quick fix.  We explore what’s behind the motivation to eat, find new ways to fulfill emotional needs without foods, adopt the right mind-set before eating, and ways to modify their environment making it easy to eat healthfully and lose weight.

The quality of food tends to influence the quantity of food consumed helping to fill up on fewer calories. Clients are successful with weight loss when they know how to fill up on healthy, satisfying food that will fight cravings and help them feel great.

Diets often ignore primary food.  Primary food feeds us on a much deeper level than food – a satisfying career, loving relationships, spiritual practice, and regular exercise.  Most people think it’s all about food and the specific diet they’re on, but the truth is that food isn’t the most important part.

Weight loss alone isn’t a prescription for happiness.  Our health and lifestyle nutrition coach will work with you in all areas of primary food to find balance and authentic satisfaction.  The “best” diet must develop the skills needed for promoting weight control, be sustainable, promote healthy lifestyle changes, and provide a supportive environment.
Are you ready to reach your weight loss goal?

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